P1-2 English / 19 August 2019 / Class 2 / Tuesday / Craft Writing

The Enormous Carrot – a spin off from The Enormous Watermelon, a familiar title used in most Primary Schools in Singapore. We showed a short clip for prior knowledge, and got them to decorate their story templates. A short story was also weaved related to the story, and we had lots of fun coming up with carrot related food – carrot cake, carrot chips, carrot fries, carrot soup, carrot rice, carrot noodles, carrot ice cream! The list could go on, and a child’s imagination is delightful! We were impressed when they just took a chair to set up the stage for a puppet play. This was impromptu and we did not plan to do this. As time was running out, we promised to give them air time to perform the following lesson.
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