Free Teaching Resource: DICES Checklist Guide (PSLE Revision)

A good time to revise for PSLE Science is using a solid teaching material and learn effectively from there. The image attached is extracted from one of our teaching materials – DICES Checklist Guide (PSLE Revision). This is a follow up on our previous post on C and our P6 Science students. From our years of experience, we assumed the crunch is to tackle and attempt as many exam practice papers and charge full steam ahead. However, our Achilles’ heel is when we failed to even notice who the ally and enemy is. From our previous post, we wrote how C was frustrated with the lack of notes and content knowledge, which led her to not being able to answer most of the questions aimed at her. It is a fact she needs help in, and we are there to bridge the gap. She loves how our DICES Checklist Guide is divided into 5 main themes, and sub divided into topics, plus the colourful illustrations and ample notes give her confidence to self revise. She commented that the checklist box is useful as this serves as a checkpoint of how much she knows/does not know for each point. Needless to say, she will be getting the DICES Checklist Guide as her study companion. Another point to reflect on is, again, we assumed our students do not need such materials at this point of time, but instead, we overlooked the need to support them as such. Our compulsory set to get is actually the Q&A Study Notes (PSLE Version), where the intensive drilling begins. However, if there is no foundation like contents and facts imputed in our students, how will they improve in the answering techniques? As C puts, she feels more confident answering questions when she has the study materials (Mindmapping Science & DICES Checklist Guide) books on hand. This hits back hard on us, and we need to take a step back again, reflect and re-tune our lesson delivery, and cater to our students’ needs. With that said, we still need to uphold our quality education and teach the best to our students.
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