Free Teaching Resource: Mindmapping Science (PSLE Revision)

Never underestimate a student when he/she takes ownership of his/her learning. Mindmapping is a powerful tool to condense and collate important notes for revision. Encourage your child to start mapping out their Science notes as part of their PSLE Science Revision. =) Below is our reflection of why we decide to share with our P6 Science students our Mindmapping Science materials.
We were having lesson as usual when one of our P6 Science girls, C,  vented her frustration over her lack of content knowledge, which led her to answer most of her questions incorrectly. This is somewhat true, as without any head knowledge, the application and thinking process to answer Science questions are ineffective. We then showed her our materials and her eyes lit up when she flipped through our Mindmapping Science. “This is what I want! Pictures and colours! With notes! To make my learning less stressful!” This was echoed by the rest of our students as they crowded around to thumb through the pages. It was like a treasure map to them! We promised to print out the Mindmapping Science for them the next lesson. Upon reflection, we sometimes tend to overlook our students’ emotional needs. In our haste to get our students to start their work as soon as possible, we fail to hear their hearts’ cry for help. We are also happy that our students share how they feel with us, and that makes us realize we need to look through their perspectives as well. Frankly, we did not intend to use this Mindmapping Science at this stage for our P6, as we think it may be more suitable for P3-P5. Or P6 at the start of the year. However, this could be what our students need for revision, a break from the monotonous tons of black and white print outs. Some dashes of colours could be what they need to get out of their stress levels. It was quite amusing to watch how C reacted whilst flipping through our Science materials. She frankly commented she would not want to touch the Q&A Study Notes (PSLE Revision) as it is black and white (unless the pictures are coloured). She likes the DICES Checklist Guide (PSLE Revision) too, as the pages are packed with colours and notes! (another post for this) We are flexible in our teaching delivery and with this concern our students have, we see the need to include and impart our mind mapping skills to our students, no matter how time pressed we have, we will take it slow, one step at a time…
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