Free Teaching Resource – English D.A.R.T For Compo Writing (Realistic Story Plot)

A common complaint we hear from our students and parents, is a lack of story ideas. It is indeed hard to build up their love for reading when PSLE is nearing. A shorter way to boost their contents is via newspaper articles. Aside that, we like to reinforce that reading is a daily habit, and it is crucial to start from young, to develop healthy reading habits. That said, we find forcing our tweens to read tons of novels is ineffective at this stage. We move forward, and instill good reading habits in the form of news articles. This will carry them through their secondary school years, and beyond. Taking an extract from our DART & TASER English Guide Book (PSLE Version), one of our lesson focus is on leveraging on suitable news articles for our students’ own story plots. One example we like to use was on the kit kat story. Usually, when we recounted the story, many of students did not believe us until we showed them the cut out of the news article. Their faces were marked with disbelief and amusement. By showing them interesting news, they are and will be able to think of story plots creatively, and realistically.
A summary of the article: A university graduate parked his car outside the dorm’s laundry, and intended to make a quick trip to collect his washed clothes. When he came back, he saw a note on his windscreen. He did not lock his car, and the first reaction he got was probably his wallet and other important documents were stolen. However, to his shock, the note expressed the thief’s apology in stealing his kit kat bar –  as he was famished and had eaten for days. The uni grad was somewhat bemused, and posted the note on social media. Soon, the kit kat company picked up his story, contacted the guy, and offered to fill his car with kit kat bars! With the exceeding abundance, he gave them all to his uni mates in school.
Seemed unbelievable, but it was true! Thus, we asked our students what kind of story plots they could think of? Topics they suggested were: An Unexpected Kind Act, An Unforgettable Incident, A Kind Act, etc. With the actual news stories, our students are more confident with adding in their own flavour – that achieves what we want at Sowing Seedz.  
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