Free Teaching Resource – English D.A.R.T For Compo Writing (Adopt/Adapt Ideas)

Exactly the news article we needed! Coincided with one of our teaching materials in our DART & TASER English Guide Book (PSLE Version).  A crashed car. A cockroach. What a story! We had to cut out the article and share with our students. Seeing is believing. A picture indeed paints a thousand words. An adult can talk till the cows come home and yet sometimes not get ingrained into a child’s mind. Once a child is shown a visual, he/she is able to think and link. Hence, we like using news articles to teach students how to write creatively, yet realistically. That is why we expose our Upper Level classes to tons of newspaper articles, for them to create new story plots, instead of recycled and stale ones, that do not garner them high grades in their composition writing. This could be one of the reasons why your child’s grades end up in a stalemate. How To Adopt/Adapt Ideas: In the news article, the car was damaged as the woman was driving and she spotted a cockroach. She freaked out, screamed, lost focus on the road, swerved her vehicle, and crashed into a bridge. Before this actual article was out, our students were unable to spin a story on any of the pictures, and even if they did, we rejected their ideas flatly. We have high expectations when it comes to creative writing. Ideas must be fresh, adopted and adapted from realistic sources to suit the given topic(s) of the day.  Once we showed our students the exact news article in the following lesson, it was an eureka moment for them, and ideas came fast and furious. That is the outcome we desire to achieve, and we have done it! Of course, we went through their story plots and gave further suggestions to improve. This does not come easy, and persistence is needed to ensure a child thinks and links what he/she sees to what he/she writes. At Sowing Seedz, we use a lot of visuals, from K2 right up to P6, via different teaching aids to scaffold their writing skills.
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