Free Teaching Resource – PSLE English Oral Tips

The new PSLE – SBC (Stimulus Based Conversation) section is much easier than the old format, and there is more engagement between the examiners and the students. However, our students do not see it that way. They find it intimidating to face 2 straight-faced examiners that they are unfamiliar with for the short 5-8 minutes of their lives. “It seems like eternity”, one of our P6s whined. “We feel judged,” another quipped. We understand their fears, and with the past experiences we had, we tried to encourage them to be less fearful and to build their confidence up. For our SBC strategies, we came up with 3 simple tips: Personal Response, Appropriate Language, Interaction/Engagement Slide2 We like this new PSLE model, as this section opens up a wide array of discussion topics, not confined to giving model answers. It is time for students to think on their feet and give their own opinions instead of being spoon fed with automated responses. However, we like to caution students that whilst being given the freedom to speak, they should speak respectfully, thoughtfully and within the boundaries too, which we teach in details in our classes. There is a right way to speak, and a wrong way to speak as well. As a short summary for this teaching resource, we encourage our students to brainstorm possible questions examiners will ask, be bold in their assumptions and think broadly (which we cover in details as well). Aim for the moon, even if you have missed, at least you will not miss the stars. Although the PSLE Oral comprises of a small percentage for the overall score in English, there is definitely no harm in aiming to score the maximum marks, as the conversion to the percentage makes a big difference.
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