Free Teaching Resource – English D.A.R.T For Compo Writing (Descriptive Phrases)

Learning starts young, and young we do, at Sowing Seedz, especially for writing. There are many layers to master the craft, just like peeling an onion by layers. The process is tear jerking (chemicals given off that makes one tear when an onion is peeled), but the outcome is sweet (onion turns sweet when heated up and cooked). We prefer to start our students to be masters of deception description, before moving on to the more complex layers of writing, which flows nicely when they come to Upper Level (P5-P6). For this Free Teaching Resource, we like to share on one of our recent P4 English Writing Class. We went through a sample description and got them to think on their own in pairs. SAMPLE: From the picture shown, we taught them to brainstorm descriptive words/phrases on A Mysterious Magician. After brainstorming, we teach them on how to pull the phrases into sentences.
The Mysterious Magician was impeccably dressed as usual, decked up in a black and white suit. His gleaming leather shoes shone brightly under his bright red velvet cloak, giving him an aura of mystery
The above was attempted by our P4 class. They pitched in forming the sentences, and we helped to form the sentences grammatically. We got them to read out aloud too, and they could sense and tell the difference when appropriate descriptions are added.
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