2018 – P6 Science 2 (March Hols) – adaptations

Back to back lessons are back breaking, but I enjoyed myself, sans the tiredness of lessons with no breaks. The last lesson of the day, is still Science. Another of my p6 class.

We continued the lesson from previous week. I like the flexibility of doing different topics concurrently, even if I have 2 p6 classes. Different schools teach different topics now, so we got to adapt to the flow. Very apt for today’s lesson.

Did some lessons with YouTube videos as part of visual learning and getting my boys to write down notes. They boasted they had written 3-4 pages full. Their faces fell when I challenged them to condense their notes into a mind map.

Well, they took up the challenge and were game to ‘compete’ with each other. A true blue boy’s trait – the hunger to compete.

Final product was fantastic too. Although a total 360 degrees different from my p5 girls, the effort and seriousness are definitely on par with the girls.


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