2018 – P5 Science (March Hols) – heat, materials

Same for my p5 girls. Promised them to do a p4 activity on heat. They were so excited!

As this was a special activity, there wasn’t any printed work. Instead, I challenged them to plan an experiment task sheet with the aims/materials/processes/observation.

They gathered around after completing their planning and recited what they had written for me to hear.

Materials needed.

Their faces lit up so brightly like choosing candies.

Used this chance to input key words to them. Melting, solid state, liquid state, gain heat and so on. To them, they see the process as crayons melting. I guided them to think of key words and linked to what they had learnt.

Girls taking turns to stir the ‘concoction’.

Girls carefully scooping the melted crayons and pouring into the silicon mould.

Beautiful end product! All packed into little packs to be brought home. They were really proud of their work. I am too!

Work wasn’t done yet. They had to form their mind maps with the topic of that day. And the end result was so beautiful! I couldn’t bear to erase off their lovely work. I can definitely see the effort they put in.

Aren’t the 3 pieces of work master pieces? This is by far the most precious work done by my students. I stand by my belief that when a student takes ownership of his/her work, the results are overwhelming.

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