2018 – P6 Science (March Hols) – life cycles

Lesson was to recap on life cycles. My style is to keep going back to previous work to help my students revisit their work consistently, so they will remember them as they are having some form of fun.

Frankly, when I decided to do this, I was apprehensive if they would enjoy the hands on, as this activity is a p3 work, and they might find it too kiddy. Turned out my p6 boy and p6 girl enjoyed the choosing, cutting and pasting of the colourful pipe cleaners. My p6 girl quipped the touch really did feel like an insect, 毛毛的 (hairy). So funny!

Next, to complete a mind map of the said topic.

Combining what they had learnt and jotting them down on their own books.

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