2018 – K2/P4 English

First lesson for F but it seems she’s really comfortable doing her tasks. She looks really at home. Which I’m happy to let her be, as my other students do the same too.

I’ve decided to ditch the usual assessment books and challenge her to think out of the box. Passed her a stack of cards and gave her some instructions. She got straight to work.

After her previous task was done, my next instruction was to get her to do a simple mind mapping using W+H.

Beautiful work, isn’t it? I love seeing how my students learn, in a somewhat unconventional way.

Last task, to complete the 4 pictures into mini stories using what she had brainstormed previously.

As for S, she took quite a while to warm up and she became really chatty when lesson ended. To prepare for p1, I prefer to use my way to help her cope with p1. I like to start from simple sentences and build up to more complex ones. Making use of coloured cards with simple words and sentences, with pictures attached. This helps students to make connections easily.

I like her interpretation of how she draws, that helps her to make connections too.

All done in a day’s work!

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