2018 – Cells (p5 Science)

It was a beady day for my girls. Same usage of my craft materials, but different uses to bring lessons across. For this lesson, I challenged the girls to do a plant cell and an animal cell, using beads. Girls and boys are really unique in their own rights. Girls squeal in delight while boys cheer and pump fists. I am privileged to witness each of the gender’s choice of happiness.

For a warm up, I allowed them to choose a picture template from what I have. After which, they would design one plant cell and one animal cell. My instructions were vague, but their work pieces were detailed. I am so impressed!

They took more time to complete the cells as they had to create from scratch, with no templates given. I love to stretch my students. And they delivered. I am so so so blown by their work. During their work, I filled in the gaps by verbally recapping the differences in the cells and so on, which they captured and wrote in their book while waiting for their ‘masterpieces’ (as SY puts it) to dry.

It was really a cool lesson today!

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