P5 Science/27 June Wednesday/2018 – plant reproduction

Reboot of another round of not so little pollinators buzzing in our room. We did this activity over the June Programme and we were doing it again, in details. This time, we modified how the activity was carried out and were pleased with the outcome. The girls were happy to eat the cheese puffs again, and were able to rattle off the aims and objectives for the activity. A happy tummy makes learning happy? Perhaps so!

We placed sticky tape over their “pollination” to prevent ants from attacking their worksheets. Another reason was to capture the activity done so they could revise and recap over the exam period. We had no time to record the task done as the first part of the lesson was on the teaching aspects. It will be carried over to the next lesson.


We use our Think & Link ideas to teach our students how to recall prior concepts and link them to current topics learnt. That is always the missing link, and we aim to bridge the gap. All teaching notes to be jotted down in mind maps or pictorial forms.


The last part of every lesson is always seat work, application time. They will use the time to clear any corrections, seek clarifications and/or simply do written work given by us. Lesson always ended in a flash, they say.

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