P4 Science/2 August 2018/Thursday – light

Light and shadows. A new topic for this class. They went through some notes and jotted them down into their Science Scrapbook.


Time for hands on! Although we have taught this topic with different classes, we still get a new prospective from our students learning this new topic. They were excited to cut out the shapes and spin a story with their shadow puppets. We encouraged making use of their resources as much as they can and got them to cut out 2 images and stick them on both ends of the sticks.


We gave them some time to form a simple story with their shadow puppets. They were really creative with their story!

As they were rehearsing for their story, we used the chance to get them to revise what they had learnt over the lesson on shadows. It was a good hands on experiential learning for them on the go! They had to write down the application part and their reflection too.

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