P1-P2 English/7 August 2018/Tuesday

With National Day zooming in, what a better way to celebrate Singapore’s 53rd birthday in class – with a National Day craft! Slide1 Logistics were much easier when it is an all boys class. We pulled out our aeroplane crafts to get them excited, and excited were they. They were so co-operative we wished every lesson could be like that! Handwriting was well written, transference errors were minimized and work was done on time for them to get started on their crafts! Our only instruction for them was to inscribe well wishes to Singapore and wish Singapore a happy birthday. They went beyond and gave us much more unexpected surprises. Neatly lined up and ready to defend Singapore! A close up on how each jet fighter looks like, according to our boys. Slide6Slide7Slide8Slide9 It is heartening to see the future generation’s appreciation for Singapore. We truly hope they mean what they say and not just “textbook” learning. Our future depends on these youngsters. Slide10 Once again, “HAPPY BIRTHDAY, SINGAPORE!!!”

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