23 August 2018/P4 Science/Thursday – light

There are many ways to deliver a lesson effectively, and one of them is via hands on. We believe that once a student is able to THINK & LINK concepts from play to work, half the battle is won. Thus, for our lesson, we had another round of hands on experiment waiting for them.

Before that, we went through some concepts on Light to recap as well, before they start working on their project. This is to help them THINK & LINK. As they were making a kaleidoscope, we got them to jot down key concepts on their templates, as a form of revision as well.

As they were busy pasting their kaleidscopes up, we caught a teeny weeny star in the mirror reflection. Can you spot it?

They were off to explore the unknown with their DIY survival tool. They were very excited to catch the reflected images in their tiny scopes.

We instructed them to find objects on their own and show us the images. Although the images were not clear, they were decent enough for us to observe the reflected images.

Observation and reflection time. Our students are used to this structure now. They are aware they need to THINK & LINK concepts to real life (process skills types of questions). But before they could do that, they need alot of information to boost their content knowledge.

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