P5 Science/22 August 2018/Wednesday – materials

For us at Sowing Seedz, we take pride that our Science lessons are unique in a way, at any point of time, past topics are always revisited to refresh our students’ memory banks. Take for example our P5 class. Be it a P6 or P5 class, whenever we announce we are going to recap past year topics, especially P3 work, most will scoff and laugh that it is too easy for them. They had to take back their words when they were stumped with even classifying objects in their Investigating Task activities.

It took our P5 girls a good 15 minutes to classify correctly. We bounced off ideas and gave them many tips to classify the objects into groups correctly. They were honest in their reflection part, where they wrote it was not as easy as it seemed and they had to read back their notes.


We gave them another P3 topic to complete, and this time, they were not as boastful as before. Lesson learnt, perhaps, but we explained to them it is nothing embarrassing to forget. Just face it, learn from it, and move on to remember. We taught them additional notes on the differences in the life cycles.


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