P1-P2 English/21 August 2018/Tuesday

It was Bat and Ball smackin’ time! As this craft if not handled properly may hurt others, we strictly educated our boys to be very careful with the bat, especially the rubber ball. Slide2 We did the usual writing procedures and the lessons got easier for us, as ours boys know what to do. The only thing that remained unchanged is their eagerness to get their hands on the craft! We are strict in getting the class to check their work. Our aim at Sowing Seedz is to enforce careful checking of work to eradicate careless mistakes. Once their written work was cleared, they moved on to complete their crafts. They got to colour the fixed images on one side, and the freedom to draw creatively on the other side. Look how lovely the packed bats were. They were incomplete, so we kept them for the next lesson to complete. We just had to give them some play time to satisfy their curiosity to discover how to play with the bat. Of course, after play and fun, they got down to serious business of writing a story with the craft. Check out A’s work, great job! Slide8
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