P6 Science / 3 Jan Wednesday 2019 / Energy Changes

We love how we are able help students engage Science in a meaningful and fun way. We always tell our students that almost every thing in daily life is linked to Science. To prove this point, we got them to tear recycled paper. Yeap, you heard it right. Tearing and shredding sheets of paper are what we do almost every day without battling our eyelids. Hence, this little experiment on tearing paper and linking energy changes.

It seemed easy initially, but as the girls continued to stack and tear the paper to bits (which our instruction was to tear and stack), they found it harder and tougher to do so, thus needing more energy to do so. At this point, we recapped the energy changes taking place. The winning pair which has the smallest and highest stack wins!

After the arm exercise, we got the girls to complete their observations and conclusion once again. If you have been following, we did the same topic for Energy Changes, but used three different types of activities to draw our lesson across. Fun!

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