P3/P4 English June Prog 2018 Day 2

As the lesson progressed, we moved on to the next part of writing. We further taught the class more skills on the writing aspects. Practice time! Their next activity was to prepare a piece of news and present it as how a news anchor will be. It was easy to pair them and they got right to work after we taught them how to prepare their scripts. Again, with limited time, they did their best and we are sure they will perfect their journalism skills when time allows.
After their presentation, we moved on the writing aspect, writing snippets of catchy headlines for their work. Again, we focused on their creativity and ideas. For the last lesson, we will focus on editing, which is the next step of writing. Their final work produced was much better than yesterday, and the effort was really commendable. Oh, and their energy level was top notch, like the previous day! LIKE our FB page for more details: https://www.facebook.com/sowingseedz/  


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