2018 – P1/P2 English June Prog Day 3

The lesson wrapped up with a last fairy tale for the class to create their visual maps and spin their own stories. Can you guess from the picture below?


With the last lesson, the class got more in tune with what was happening and were in automatic mode. Things were moving much faster and we were pretty much in track, and what we wanted to do later, whew!

C’s work was lovely today and below were her “heart” work, entirely done by herself. The rest of the students equally did the same thing too.

At the end of the 3 stories, they attached their short biographies about themselves, all done by their own too! We were proud of their effort!


Before we ended, we managed to squeeze time to record their weekend “homework”. Besides practicing their oral skills, it served as a platform for them to feel confident and proud of their own work.

It was great to see them graduate! They were excited to get their medals, and asked if it was real gold. Perhaps in future?

Their heartfelt words from the programme. We hoped they had enjoyed and learnt how to be better writers in future!

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