P3/P4 English June Prog 2018 Day 3

For this last lesson, we moved our focus to editing. As per our previous post, we mentioned we did not start with correcting our students’ work. We wanted to them to gain confidence in building up their writing skills first, before moving on the next level. This lesson, was the lesson to do so, and they were ready. Slide1 We also taught them how to write simple news stories, fact or fiction, using our own materials. And boy, the results were amazing! Initially at the start of planning, we were hesitant to move into this stage, but with some gut feel and experience working with children of this age group, we bit the bullet and went ahead, and we were glad we did! We scaffolded them the fundamentals of writing news articles, and then set them off to write. We were impressed that they could pull the whole thing off, especially our only P3 boy, J. We did the editing for them this time round, as we wanted to record them reporting the news as little news anchors. After editing, we gave them some preparation time to read through with their corrections and brush up on their oral skills. (videos at the end) They rarely had any NGs and their oral skills were good. Of course, they could be better, but to be fair, they did not have much time with us, and whatever time we had, we multiplied as much as we could! They did 2 rounds of news reporting and that was the maximum they could go to, which was just nice for them to absorb and learn. Slide14 We wrapped the lesson up at the end and asked the class to give us some encouragement back. Their words were so sweet! Check out all the videos below.
They graduated and we shall see them when school reopens! visit: https://www.facebook.com/sowingseedz/


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