P3/P4 Science June Prog 2018 Day 2 Part 1 – matter

For this first part of the lesson, we did an investigation on the 3 States Of Matter. We wanted to do the experiment first as we needed time for the ice to melt.


We gave each of them an individual task and each of them acted like a production line. Each of them carried out their task perfectly. They placed the ice cubes in the ziplock bags, sealed them up, pasted on the whiteboard and set the timer with interval of 15 minutes block.

While waiting for the experiment, we moved onto the mind mapping skills. We watched a video to recap on the 3 States Of Matter, with them jotting down notes.

Beep! The timer sounded and the class was excited to observe the next state of the ice cubes. After observing, they got on to sketch the observation after the first 15 minutes interval.


We took close up shots of the different coloured ice cubes and the images were clear to show that the solids had partially melted into liquid, and that was supposed to be what the students should sketch.

After sketching, we timed for another 15 minutes and moved quickly on to complete their mind maps.

We really love to see their heart work. Again, we believe in reaping what we sow. With patience and encouragement, any child can excel in his or her pace. Superb pieces of maps!

Again, it was time for them to check out the results. The final observations would see them sketch out a completely melted out liquid state of water, various colours.


Final close up shots of the melted ice cubes.

We took a shot of J’s work of her sketches and observations. At Sowing Seedz, we believe in getting our students to do hands on experiments, then link what they see, hear, feel, taste and touch to their learning.


That is the end of our Part 1. Do look out for Part 2!

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