P1/P2 English June Prog 2018 Day 2

“It’s a brrrreezy cold morning!” One of our students quipped, and indeed it was. We made use of the elements to our advantage. Since our story was on The Three Little Pigs, we shifted the focus on the wind, and how the Big Bad Wolf used his strong breath to blow the weaker houses down. The children could see the connection and we appreciated the day’s weather as part of our real life learning. Back to work, the procedures were nothing new. They watched a video, extracted key story plots, plucked them into their visual maps and viola! We took close up shots of their visual maps and they were awesome! For their level, there IS quality in their work! Slide8 After a short break, they were off to snip, cut and arrange the story pictures in sequence. They wasted no time in completing their task. The final part ended off with them crafting their own 3 Little Pigs. The names they brainstormed were hilarious! We had to cut short their fun, unfortunately, as the clock was ticking. They soon settled down to complete their writing. LIKE our FB page for more details: https://www.facebook.com/sowingseedz/  


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