P3/P4 English June Prog 2018 Day 1

Somehow children are just so energized even after a back to back lesson! These 2 boys stayed back for the English lesson after the Science. We were half expecting the boys to be tired from the previous lesson. Boy, we were wrong! They were equally hyped up even though there were 2 of them for that day.


We got straight to work, hoping to diffuse some of their energy inside the boys. A video clip on reporting news was shown to them. They were amazed on how well the children could speak and hold the fort well. We explained that it takes time and this is a good time for them to learn in class.

After watching, they were given some time to interview each other, like the junior reporter in the news. Again, the initial part was hard, as they were not exposed to such text types, which all the more, we at Sowing Seedz believe in, to sow seeds of interest and exposure for students to be future world ready, not only in terms of academic results. Both boys did a decent job in interviewing each other, for a start.

The last part of the lesson was writing snippets of interesting headlines for the visuals provided. We are not concerned over spelling mistakes for now, as we want to tap on their creativity. Spelling and editing are important, but free flowing writing is much needed, as compo writing is sorely not emphasized in many schools. We assure parents we strive for quality work, one step at the time. Do note there are errors, but we chose to focus on the contents and creativity for now. However, we orally verbalized the mistakes to the boys.

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