p3/p4 Science June Prog 2018 Day 1 – classification

They came, they played and they learned. An effective lesson for recapping and learning new topics for Science.


We believe in the importance of teaching mind maps as they help a student to remember facts and makes learning easier. A lot of visuals were needed to help the students understand why and how. Again, we used media to help us send the message across. After the videos, we used our teaching methods to teach our students how to mind map. First step, they had to jot down key words extracted from the videos to make into their own study notes.

We continued to discuss with the class how to do a proper mind map, with lots of colours and visuals.Slide5

It was their turn to churn out their own mind maps. It was not an easy task and to be honest, they struggled. However, we did not give up and continued to provide support for them, and they made it!


Next part of the lesson was their favourite. Experiments! What is best combining food with fun?! Whoopie! The day’s experiment was on Classification, the hands on way. We mixed up the snacks we had into a mess and got the students to think how to sort them into groups. They got the gist, but we helped them to refine according to how to answer in the Science language. They had to group the snacks into 4 different groups. First group was on colours.

Next was on shapes.

3rd group was on sizes.

Last group was tricky to think and they got it after we hinted it was one of the senses. Taste!


What better way to clear up the snacks? In their hungry tummies! The boys could not wait to sink their teeth in the aromatic smell of the combined snacks in the room. Check them out!


After snack time, they settled down to do work. They had to write down their observations and conclusions, these skills are necessary to sharpen their process skills thinking. All in a day’s work!

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