P1/P2 June Prog 2018 Day 1

We were excited to start our next programme for the next level. Visual Mapping with Story Crafting. Sounds fun already! Slide1 The first part of the lesson was going through how and what visual mapping is. Next, they went through a short video story on the Elves & The Shoemaker and from there, we taught them how to extract the main points of the story plot and pull them into a visual map.   Initially, the pace was slow as they were not familiar with how a visual map works. That is normal, but they picked up the speed very fast and their responses came fast and furious. The visual map shown was done by our students, almost 80%. Great effort! Slide4 We then got them to write down a piece of paper as a practice for their visual mapping. Fantastic work done by them! We gave them a well deserved break after working so hard the whole morning. After their break, we got them to read a proper story about the Elves & The Shoemaker. After which, we gave them an activity to rearrange the story in order. Cut! Snip! Paste! Last part of the lesson, a full story time! They had to craft and spin their own story from the original, but in their own words. It was difficult as usual, but the tough gets going. After a lot of encouragement, they made it! The final challenge was, we told them to go back and prepare reading their stories and they will take turns to read their very own stories they had created with one another! LIKE our FB page for more details: https://www.facebook.com/sowingseedz/

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