k1/k2 June Prog 2018 Day 3

Last day of the programme! K thought he still has lessons with me throughout the holidays. He was a tad disappointed. For the last lesson, they got to paint a plain spinning top and did some decorations. Slide1 Posing happily with a plain piece of art, they requested me to draw lines on the top so they could paint an assortment of colours. Very creative, I must say. Thus, on one side, they started adding colours on the wood gradually, with the paint choices they wanted. While waiting for one side to dry, time was not wasted as they used the buffer period to do some writing. By now, they knew what to expect and what to do, thus, they completed their work much faster. Slide7 Time to do the next side! This round, S decided to paint hers with one colour while K wanted his to be dual coloured. After the spin tops dried again, they pasted beads and added some stickers as a finale. Check out their final work! So pretty! It was amazing to create some space for children to display their creativity at play. Such times must be treasured and I believe this makes their childhood a better one. After their writing, they tried out their spin tops and it was fun! Yay! They have graduated from the class! Slide14
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