2018 – P3/P4 Science June Prog 2018 Day 3 Part 2 – oobleck, puppet play

Moving on from the first experiment, we did the last activity before we dismissed the class. We showed them a short clip on Oobleck, a non newtonian fluid, a mix between a solid and a liquid.


They watched 2 videos on how Oobleck is used and they could not wait to try out the experiment themselves.

We went through the Scientific procedures of how to carry out the experiment and got them to repeat the steps to be sure. We got them again, to make use of their sense of touch and sense of sight to observe the process of the experiment.

We helped in the initial stage of preparing the potato starch and water proportion and got them to use their fingers to stir. The consistency is ready when they were able to jab the mixture without spilling its contents out of the bowl. We tested the final round before they played around with it. They were amazed how a mixture can be both a liquid and a solid at the same time. Watching videos may have helped them be aware of what Oobleck is, but getting them to touch and feel is a better connector to make sense of learning. (videos below)

After the activities, it was time to record down all their observations and their reflections.

Time to go! Not before telling us they loved our programme!


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