2018 – P5/P6 English June Prog Day 1

As with the battle of the gender, our Upper Level girls and boys voted to have separate classes over the June programme. We gave them the space to do that. For this week, we have the boys coming together. One can imagine how an all boys class can be. Definitely something to look forward to!

First up, some motivational talk. It is a good thing that all our boys are into sports – Golf, Badminton, Rugby, Frisbee. From there, we talk about how these sports instill discipline, hard work and positive mindset, where these traits can also be used in the mindset of studies. It is just a simple re-alignment to get them pumped up for PSLE (Primary School Leaving Examination).

After that, we gave them some time to think of the goals they want to score/aim for their final year and record them down.


After a short sharing of the goals they wanted to achieve, we moved on to touch on the first part of the lesson, Oral Skills. We gave them some important information and advice from our materials and got them to practice reading. We split the class into small groups, gave them a passage to prepare reading, and take turns to read.

After their preparation and once they were ready, they took turns to read to their team mates and were graded by one another. After the reading, we got together and did a reflection on the reading practice done.

Just as we wanted to continue the last leg of the lesson, we caught the historical moment in history, the Trump-Kim summit in Singapore! We paused the lesson, and seized the opportunity to discuss some political issues and the impact of the peace treaty. It was good news that the summit turned out exceedingly well and Singapore had a part to play as well. It was well worth the $20 million. We call it the “Lesson On The Go”. Impactful slice of lesson that day – 12 June 2018.


We gave them a short break thereafter, and for the last lap, they practiced reading aloud as a class and each was graded by every one in the class.


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