P5/P6 Science June Prog 2018 Day 1 – celery, oobleck, puppet play

The pace for Science for the Upper Level was faster as it was a recap of past topics learnt. Lesson resumed after more snacking for the boys. We were glad to feed the hungry souls.


We introduced one of our teaching methods from our book, DICES. We grouped the Science topics from P3-P6 into Diversity, Interactions, Cycles, Energy, Systems. This term is coined by Shirleen Tan, the founder of Sowing Seedz. By classifying the topics neatly into a simple mnemonic, this helps a student remember better. Of course, students also need to recall the subtopics under the main topics. With that, we got them to further link DICES to a hands on activity, making a die!

We believe in linking to make connections and what a better way to remember, to DIY a DICES die. Things got creative when IZ wanted to find out if adding weights will affect the structure of the die. Nope, his die worked perfectly fine! And we are glad IZ kept up to our spirit of creative thinking and problem solving. We are reaping what we sow, our main belief at Sowing Seedz.


Final products by our boys! Great work!

We did a final recap on what the DICES stand for, and we moved on to the experiments, THE moment they were waiting for. We did what the P3/P4 class did, but we moved faster as it was a quick recap for them. We got them to touch, smell and observe the new batch of celery stalks before placing them into the coloured beakers. They also needed to record down any observations or reflections for the activity.

Oobleck time! That was the other highlight the boys were excited to do. We got to remind them to keep to their tasks and not get carried away. We helped to test their final consistency and we gave them time to play around. (videos below)

We squeezed in the final activity before ending –  Shadow Puppet Performance! Again, during the planning stage, we were contemplating if we should include the puppets activity, fearing it would be too kiddy for them. And again, our fears were unfounded. They were game for the performance and they were so eager to do! To add on, they further wanted to do a puppet play on…… Baby Shark! We did not anticipate this but sure, why not! They were willing to perform! Watch out Day 2 for their performance!

Videos below:

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