P5/P6 English June Prog 2018 Day 2

Day 2. It was way past early morning and the boys streamed in with tired faces. To wake them up, we gave them a fun and interactive personality test quizzes and they were awake then.

We did another one by request and it was hilarious to hear them arguing some parts were true and some parts were not.

We quickly moved on to testing them on the Oral. We recapped the pointers from our books and reminded them to really remember the tips to score. Practice time! Below were the still shots of what the boys did for each picture. (recording clips to be uploaded again)

This section took time, as they were still unsure of what to say and what not to say. We spent quite a bit on this, but after the practice, they got better. We still were able to squeeze in some time for some Comprehension Open Ended skills. Using the ever versatile newspapers, we split them into pairs and got them to choose a suitable length of article each and form 5 questions to test the other pair. Time was over and this activity would be continued on the 3rd lesson.

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