P5/P6 Science June Prog 2018 Day 2 Part 1 – shadows, pollination

Even during the English lesson, the boys could not wait to do the Shadow Puppet Show. We had to plan something to distract them, hence the personality test to keep them on task. The moment finally arrived, and they grabbed their puppets to get ready. The boys fitted in their roles seamlessly and helped to set up the stage.

The first part was to present their own short stories using their puppets.

We gave them a final practice on the finale, and they were really serious to perform. They tested the angle of the light source, the sound of the music track, how to display their puppets (big/small shadows), and how to pull everything together.

After a few rounds, they were ready! This was the first take we took and it turned out very good, considering the time limit we set for them. Enjoy!

The next experiment we needed to move on was on Pollination. The boys were more interested in the cheese puffs than the activity. They seem to be forever hungry. Growing up, they say. Oh well… We asked them the differences between the two types of flowers drawn, and why did we arrange that way.

After some responses, yes, they managed to get part of what we needed to hear. 2 types of flowers, 2 different species. Pollination can only take place on the same species, either by self-pollination or by cross pollination.


On the hands on part, we stated the procedures for them to carry out. Dip their clean hands in the cup (stigma), eat the cheese puffs (without licking their fingers), flicker the orange bits (pollen grains) stuck on their hands (agents of pollinators) onto the same species of flowers. Repeat till the puffs are eaten. The puffs were gone in minutes. We had to remind the boys not to lick off the puff bits repeatedly as they found that hard to resist. We promised to give them a new pack of cheese puffs at the end.

We made it a friendly competition to see which flower was the most pollinated. The winning flower was the purple one! We further extended the activity by listing down a few key words on the sheets for them to recap.


Time for them to complete their observations and reflections. Beautiful sketches, are they not?

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