P5/P6 English June Prog 2018 Day 3

The last lesson started with no fanfare. It was just giving them some personality test quizzes, a waking up activity for the boys, they said. The last quiz was hilarious, a fun personality test to see how old their mental ages were. All were serious to add up their scores.

For the last lesson, we moved on to a more serious note and taught them important fundamentals in scoring for their Comprehension Open-ended questions. This time round, we prepared short news articles for them to read through and to come up with 5 questions mimicking a Comprehension Open Ended style. We even provided an actual school’s past year exam paper and got them to make references. This took up the longest time, necessary, as we wanted them to know how to “set” questions and provide “answers”. In this way, they will be more familiar on how questions are set.


When they were done, they exchanged their work for one another to attempt. There were obvious errors in the setting and answering of the questions, we made it known to them. Our aim for that lesson was to make sure they understood the flow and that the questions they set must make sense with the answers they prepared. It was a tough and tedious work, but they managed to complete the task, under much nagging from us.

Before we ended the lesson, we asked them to give their honest feedback and what they commented was real, raw and unedited, as we did not give them time to prepare. Glad they graduated!

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