P5/P6 Science June Prog 2018 Day 3 Part 1 – electricity

It was the time they were waiting for – SLIME time! But not before completing what we wanted them to do. We needed them to neaten up their work and complete recording the previous experiments done. It was quite chaotic as their minds were filled with slime. We had to resort to take away that activity before they were back on task. Are these boys really 12 years old?


Neatening up of their work took up quite a bit of time, with all the movement and distraction. We had time to do one experiment before the highlight of the lesson. The Electricity activity was very engaging and the boys were very eager to try their hands on too. After the usual reminding of materials used and procedures to follow, we left them to figure out how to complete a simple circuit hands on work to do. We did a sample for them to follow.


The boys took the materials we had given out to them and started working on their own circuit template.

Soon, the boys realized there was a problem. IZ completed his in no time and he could not get the bulb to be lit up. We challenged him to troubleshoot what went wrong. He extended his investigation and used another copper tape to experiment. He was able to solve the problem after a few tries and the result was amazing!


Upon asking him how and why he reached his own successful experiment, he concluded that the template given was too long and the copper tape was too weak to conduct the electricity to light up the bulb. We were impressed and yes, that was somewhat true. When we tested, we used a small area but we were “greedy” and thought a longer circuit would be better. Also, we took for granted that it would work and we did not test that out. IZ also took the initiative to teach his peers how to complete the circuit with lesser copper tape. We tested the effects and they were like twinkling and blinking stars shining brightly.

Watch out for our finale – SLIME experiment

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