P5-P6 Science June Prog 2018 Day 3 Part 2 – slime

Without further do, we dived right into the slime and grime part. The boys voted to do away with the proportions given in the task sheet and we agreed to allow them to explore. If they were successful, that is good. If they failed, they just had to try again. We believe with failures, come more success and a child is able to overcome trials in real life. The pictures looked every inch like a baking and cooking class, with bowls and liquids and mixing all up with their fingers.

As they kneaded and mixed the baking soda, glue and lens solution, they were able to form a gluey consistency and were excited they did not need any exact measurements, just pour a bit of ingredients here and there, mix and viola! Look at how stretchy the mixture is! They were proud of their achievement.

We got them to test out the consistency in pairs. Good stretch!

We gave them some space to play around with their DIY slime and play did they! As they sat down to prepare for the recording and observation part, X got the idea of adding colours in their white slime. He experimented with his pen colours and the boys followed suit. It was another round of experiment and we allowed them to explore instead of getting them to write. We feel it is important to let children experiment a certain idea on the spot to catch on their curiosity, rather then douse their enthusiastic mode.

It was a great lesson for them to explore new ideas today and the lesson was fruitful!

Before lesson ended, we quickly got them to say a few liners of what they had learnt as a group. Another graduation!

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