2018/P5-P6 English June Prog 2018 Day 1 (Girls)

It seemed like dejavu when we were running this programme again. This time, our audience is our lovely girls. 2 for Day 1, more on Day 2.


At Sowing Seedz, we cater to the needs of our students, even using the same materials. In this case, it is gender difference. We sourced for a suitable clip that is able to reach out to the girls, helping them to stay motivated. It was a good learning session as we seek to empower them to stay positive in their learning.

The contents in our books remain the same, which we still focus on guiding them to set goals. The girls requested not to share with each other, personal, they said, but they allowed us to peek at their work, to ensure they were on track. We respect that fully.

Moving on, we went through Oral skills and we taught them our tried and tested methods to score in the area. Overall, we feel the new PSLE format to test students are way much easier and flexible, giving students a lot of room to expand on their ideas.

After going through our tips, we got them to practice, the effective way to apply what they have learnt. Each was given time to prepare their reading while we set up the recording equipment. Our intention is to record their reading, playback and advise the areas to improve on. The recording went well, save for some knocking above our room, probably some construction going on.


As we played back the recording, the girls cringed and laughed at their own voices. They now know that what they speak from their vocals are different than when their voices were recorded. Laughter aside, they learnt which words were pronounced incorrectly and corrected them. The next segment was the stimulus based conversation. We wanted them apply the methods taught to them. We showed them a picture and got them to brainstorm what questions their examiners would have asked them, and to write their own answers down. This step will be verbalized in their minds once they get used to it. But for now, it is pen and paper work for them.

Once their preparation was ready, we got them to ask each other questions from their own work they had prepared and to give their own answers as well. A little stiff and awkward, but hey, this was only the first lesson. Give them more time and we are sure they will do better!

We love to capture our students’ work as this shows us their efforts to learn and be better. Do note there are errors in their work, we highlighted to them, but we chose to show their raw products, straight from their hearts.


Lesson ended well and they were off for a short break before Science lesson!

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