2018/P5-P6 Science June Prog 2018 Day 1 (Girls) – celery, oobleck

Time for some Science fun! It brings us great joy to see our students excited to begin their lesson. This shows we seem to have found the right switch to motivate our students.


Before we started the experiments, we had to go through the drier part of the proper lesson but necessary to educate them on the latest changes and the important aspects to score well.


We taught them to remember DICES – Diversity, Interactions, Cycles, Energy, Systems to help them remember the main topics for each question asked, which will then help them focus on recalling the key concepts and apply accordingly. That led to one of the hands on activity we planned for them, making DIY dices. Easy to link?

The girls got down to business and set off to complete their task. Their final products were beautiful!

After the DICES craft, we continued teaching them some examples on how to apply DICES in some common questions in the Science exam papers. This was another angle they did not see before, and they were enriched in this area. We remind them to apply what they have learnt in their daily work.

Experiment time! We did the celery experiment and went through the aims and objectives. It is really common for students to forget what they have learnt and it is important to revise and refresh their memories. We did the same experiment on different groups, but the result is the same – they could not remember much of the concepts related to plants. So it means recap, recap and more recap!

We moved on to the next experiment while waiting for the celery experiment to take effect. The girls do not know what Oobleck is an they OOOO and AHHH after watching some really cool experiments on that. They were ready to do their own Oobleck! We helped them with the right proportions of potato starch and water for the girls to mix on their own and we tested the consistencies of their products. SY suggested adding colouring to the white Oobleck to observe the results, and we agreed. It was a good suggestion and the effects were good!


We did not expect the girls to enjoy as much as the boys. We had the impression that since the experiment needed to get sticky and messy, we thought the girls would squirm and squeal. However, they were the opposite and enjoyed the mess, noise and all! The last activity was shadow play and again, we did not have time to complete, as they had to practice and rehearse.


Watch out for Day 2!

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