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2018/P5-P6 English June Prog 2018 Day 2 (Girls)

Day 2’s lesson started with 2 short personality tests for fun too, serving as an ice breaker for the sleepy girls. The funny videos were successful in getting the girls engaged and awake.

Without further ado, we delved into the previous lesson on Oral skills for the 2 new girls who joined us. We did a quick recap and they were off to prepare and practice their tasks. We grouped them into pairs and gave them some time to brainstorm question prompts to test each other’s reaction. The other pair will grade them and vice versa.

It was the next pair’s turn. This pair did not turn up yesterday and they were not that confident. They did their best! Both pairs attempted well and the only thing we picked on was the lack of dishing out their personal experiences linked to the related topics. We shall try again on Day 3.

We moved on to writing skills and we had to reiterate the importance of brainstorming suitable story plots to fit in the pictures given in their examination. Not only that, teaching them to replace often used words like “said” all the time, which get on our nerves. We had a fruitful discussion and we spent quite a bit of time re-teaching them. Lesson ended with a break to make way for Science later.


By Shirleen

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