2018/P5-P6 Science June Prog Day 2 Part 1 (Girls) – light, reproduction

The girls were ready to prepare their shadow puppet shows but boy, when they got together, it was like a marketplace! We had to set rules that discussion was only limited to their lesson, otherwise, there would be no end!

The girls finally settled down and kept their discussion to what we wanted. Like the boys, they set up the “stage”, checking the lighting and shadows background, testing the music background and positioning themselves. Besides practicing for the group performance, they also had to come up with a group performance, and no, they did not want to perform Baby Shark (the boys did that). Instead, they chose The Lion Sleeps Tonight. Again, the girls were not given much time to practice, but that took some time for them to get ready still. We guessed that is one of the gender differences, boys are much more spontaneous and willing to “just do it!”. Girls on the other hand, are more reserved, and will not dare to take much risk. Of course, that does not apply to all girls and boys, but from what we have experienced so far, this seems to be the case. Nonetheless, the girls put up a great job and cooperated well. Watch on and enjoy!

Their still shots. Life Cycle Of A Bird. A Tale Among Friends. The Lion Sleeps Tonight.

After their performances, we moved on to record their observations and aims of the activity. It is important to link what they have done to what they have learnt.


Next, we got on to Pollination Activity and viewed a short clip for recapping before doing the hands on. The girls had to form their own study notes which we have taught them before.

Once they were clear on how pollination takes place, we started the activity. We linked how food (cheese puffs) are part of the role playing in helping the pollination process. They were more interested to eat, though.

Final work done! It was a clear picture on how the girls helped in “pollinating” the flowers.


To wrap up each activity, we get them to observe and record always, as part of their process skills learning. Think and link, that is what Sowing Seedz believe in. Look at their work. It was hilarious to read what some wrote, like how they loved eating the cheese puffs and doing the activity at the same time. Read on for the next blog for Part 2!

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