2018/P5-P6 Science June Prog Day 2 Part 2 (Girls) – celery, darts

Day 2 is always packed with more activities as the class is used to the momentum, as with the same case with all our programmes. The last few activities were so fun, they wanted to stay longer than the allocated time. Glad they enjoyed! We revisited the Celery Experiment done the day before and got them to observe and record again. We never get bored doing this experiment over and over again. The lovely colour hues never fail to brighten our lives, just like pretty flowers!


A closer look at the water carrying tubes and they did their observations.

We revised Energy Changes and did the last 2 activities to help them link and think.


It was fun to see the girls attempting to fold their aeroplanes. But they all did it! They requested to test their planes in the living room as they were confident their planes could fly very far. Of course, we agreed to let them test. Pure fun.

We gave them more time to play around and then it was back to work. With the activity done, they had to link and think, ie to link the energy changes taking place when they tried to fly their planes. So, it was no all fun and play, there is work to be done too.


Before lesson ended, we squeezed in the last activity, hitting the Bull’s Eye. We carried out various ways to hit and score, and one of the challenges was to throw their darts while closing their eyes.

The girls were good, definitely potential sharp shooters in future! To wrap the lesson up, they did the think and link method and that ended the lesson!


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