K1-P4 Term 3 English Materials 2018

New term, new look! We took the break to reflect and sourced for new materials to cater to our K1-P4 English classes. We also just ended our June Holiday Programme and the feedback was really encouraging, giving us the motivation to work harder, and also the affirmation that what we are doing is on the right track. The seeds are sown, and we believe the harvest will be plentiful. Back to the materials, we are stepping up the game by including our experiential learning with writing. Our students from K1-P3 will make and write a craft related to the theme, and take home their art work. On alternate lessons, we will still conduct a composition closely related to MOE syllabus. Our end goal is for our students to write and express their writing,  confident to write a powerful piece of composition when they sit for their PSLE (Primary School Leaving Examination). As with a seed, it needs time to germinate and grow from a young seedling to an adult plant. Same goes for us, Sowing Seedz believes in nurturing your children through the stages of learning. There is no quick fix to learning, just lots of patience and guidance. Slide1 For K1/K2, we hold weekly lessons of a craft-related topic and spin a short story around the craft. For example, if the topic is on time, they may do a DIY watch and write about the watch in our Writing Book. For the next lesson, we will teach them how to write a story compatible in Primary One. We slowly phase our students to integrate into primary school, again, to allow them time to get used to the MOE system.   For P1/P2, the setting is similar to K1/K2. We also focus on the experiential learning aspects, but teach more to include descriptive phrases to beef up their stories. There is no shortcut when it comes to writing a decent piece of composition. There must be a lot of visuals to help a child visualise, imagine and write. We face a lot of roadblocks when we teach our Upper Level students, hence, we come up with a different learning strategy to scaffold our students from the beginning. Slide2 For P3/P4, things get more exciting. For our materials, we planned it such that intensive narrative writing is included to help students write more effectively. Aside the narrative writing project (sourced from a teaching web), we also include our picture writing templates. This complements each other, one with hands on practice on how to write a narrative, and another on how to apply that to writing.     This pretty much sums up our writing materials for Term 3. We are excited to roll them out one by one! visit: https://www.facebook.com/sowingseedz/


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