P4 English/25 June 2018/Monday

First lesson started with our P4 class learning about narrative writing. With our new materials, we reminded them the importance to weave descriptive phrases into their writing. Descriptive phrases help add flavours and colours to one’s otherwise bland story. For the first part of the lesson, we got the class to read through a sample passage that we had sourced for. After reading, we asked them to bracket all the descriptive phrases they could find and share with one another later. It was impossible to cram all the information to them, especially the direction we are heading for is heavier as compared to the first part of the year. Thus, we thoroughly went through the first paragraph of the story and explained to them the nitty gritty details, getting them to jot down explanation for selected descriptive phrases. The next part of the lesson, of course, our usual hands on activity! The class was excited to see us taking out a stack of cards. They had done this before, but they are never tired of doing it repeatedly. For composition writing, we believe children need to see something tangible and visible, before they are able to make connections to apply to their writing. And before they are able to write, they need to visualize the sights and sounds before attempting to write. One effective way is to go the “Show & Tell” way, see a pictorial image, brainstorm a story plot, and share with every one. We love to see our students hard at work, choosing pictures, and making connections. That is the very foundation of creating a story. We enjoy viewing their heart work too, pieces of their own masterpieces coming to life. Splashes of coloured markers written neatly in a form of concept mapping allows them to focus on the W+H questions for them to discuss with each other in pairs. Showtime! They definitely enjoyed themselves and were able to share confidently. visit: https://www.facebook.com/sowingseedz/


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