P3-P4 Science/25 June 2018/Monday – seed dispersal

We started our Lower Primary Science class with Seed Dispersal. Usually, we are unable to start lesson proper until their school Science teachers have informed them the topics to learn. We then use the first few lessons to recap, revise and refresh! Seed Dispersal by wind is the easiest to start with, as our students immediately are able to identify the characteristics of wind dispersal. Wing-like structures and light in weight are the main give away, especially if the seeds look like fan blades. One very good observation by J.

We gave them space and time to experiment with the seeds. Be gentle, we reminded them. They touched, felt and threw the seeds into the air and observed gleefully.

We linked the characteristics of wind dispersal once more. On paper, students learn how seeds are dispersed by wind. But by doing a simple hands on activity, students are able to think and link how the wing like structures help seeds to disperse their seeds. That is one difference we believe in. Moving on, we showed them specimens on the different types of seed dispersal and the characteristics that accompany.

We ended the lesson by getting them to fill up their mind mapping as we taught them on the topic. Their “homework” is to observe and pick up dried seeds along their way home, to school, elsewhere and so on. Our only exception is to remind them NOT to pluck off existing seeds on the plants/shrubs/trees.


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