The class was excited when they saw us taking out the bags of crafts to pass to them. They could not keep still and we had to spend some time to settle them down and explain what we are going to do for the term. Slide2 After setting our rules and discipline, we got straight to work and they were again, too excited to start their crafts right away. We made it clear that the crafts are going to be done on an alternate basis, and aside the fun, they still need to write out their stories related to the crafts. Slide1   Their first task was to sketch what they did over the holidays on their vases. Their expressions told us how could that be done and we demonstrated to them. They were awestruck, but we believe it is just due to exposing our students to different genres and expand their learning in different ways. Children do see adults as role models, and if we carry out our actions appropriately, children indeed will model us effectively. Watch their serious expressions when at work. We had to keep to a time limit and time was not enough for them to complete as much as they wanted to. However, it was due to the previous part of explaining our Term 3 lesson objectives. We assured them they will have more time to complete for subsequent lessons. Are not their crafts fantastic? Personalized vase crafts for home display! The last part for writing, had to be done as homework as they had time only to complete the procedural part. visit: https://www.facebook.com/sowingseedz/


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