P6 Science/28 June 2018/Thursday – reproduction

We have 2 P6 Science classes and they move at different speed, according to what their schools are teaching. We are seasoned in making customization and catering to our students’ learning seamlessly. For Class 1, we did a recap on Reproduction In Animals. This is always a controversial topic and the time where every student regardless of levels (P5, P6), race or gender, gets alive, we mean, really alive. Curious questions are exchanged fast and furious, and we can hardly keep up. However, we welcome such questions and use the opportunity to educate our students what is right and what is wrong, like respecting each gender’s bodies. We rather to use this chance to teach them properly rather than get inappropriate sources from the internet, which may not be accurate and realistic. After their curiosity were quenched, we moved on to some proper work to wrap up the lesson. This activity was a simple recap on the different stages of when a baby is born. As our founder is also expecting, the girls opened another whole new conversation of the birds and bees, which our founder also gladly explained. Real life experience and sharing, that is the spirit of Sowing Seedz!

Class 2 sees a different lesson though. This is a fairly new class and we needed to set some rules and enforce some of our teaching methods for them to practice on, hence we moved into something heavier. However, it is our practice to make lessons less non routine, except when exams are nearing. We pulled out our flashcards and got them into a mini quiz and timed them to answer 5 questions. Although this got them excited, their bubbles were burst when they realized they were unable to answer all the questions! They fretted for a while but pressed on to answer as best as they could. We then verbally got them to give us their answers, and then went deep into dissecting the questions into parts for them to understand. We are strict when it comes to work. We reinforced that when we teach, students are expected to learn well and remember what are taught, to produce quality work and results. Otherwise, their attendances in lessons are wasted. Fun aside, which we at Sowing Seedz aim for as well, needs to be balanced with actual work with serious and hardworking attitude too. The class picked up well but we tell them they also need to apply what they have learnt in schools. Let us observe if our students actually done that.

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