K1/K2 June Prog 2018 Day 1

The holidays have started and after a short break, it was time for some fun! First up, it was my Kindy class. I roped in my dear son in for this lesson. He was very excited to join as he has been harping to join my class for such a loooooong time. Slide1 Day 1, Baking Fun! After going through the aims and objectives for the lesson, we headed to the kitchen to bake some muffins. In the kitchen, we recapped the materials and ingredients used to make the muffins. After ensuring they knew what to do, I started to give them tasks to complete, each one taking turns to pour, mix and bake. While waiting for the muffin maker to do its job, I made use of the time to recap the procedural steps that they had just done, making sure they knew what they were doing. When the muffins were done, I did the scooping up of the muffins as they were really piping hot! I popped one to test. Tasted great! They were proud of their edible work. They could not wait to taste too. I gave them permission to eat one before heading to the room to complete some work first. Hard at work, aren’t they? At this level, I try not to give them too many words else they cannot handle the long writing. But S has shown a lot of improvement since she started lessons with me. As for my boy, he has difficulty writing all the work, as he is still in K1. But that is a really commendable effort from him. Slide14 I packed the remaining muffins into a container for S to bring home to share with her family members. K wanted some too, so I had to divide the muffins equally. For the last part of the lesson, I got them to read out the full writing that they were supposed to write out.
Got them to tell me if they had enjoyed the lesson. They sure did!
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